Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ravenwood Radio Episode 21 was a blast!

Title says it all yet it couldn't catch all the awesomeness of last night's episode Kevin Battleblood couldn't catch a break last night either or Fallon Deathslinger their Banhammer's were flaming hot aster last nights Chatroom. First off when we have a segment about Impersonators and how lame they are doesn't mean folks you start doing it that's a quick way to get you on the Wizard101 communities bad side and will get you banned by KBB even quicker seriously people it ain't funny or cool and actually makes you look like a follower. Anyway I believe if I'm not mistaken that the record was broken or very close to it last I saw the chat room peaked at a 122 viewers. The study Hall was also tremendously helpful I learned a lot of interesting ideas for my Storm wizard Isaac to utilize. The after party was bumping but I unfortunately had to go early and missed both Stephen and Leesha but it's OK I got to hang out with John Lifeglen,Heather Raven,and Fallon Deathslinger which isn't a bad night in my book. Three cheers for me and Heather for our awesome Hybrids. =) 

Little note:
Don't forget today is the W101 Blogger's Club All star Meet& Greet.

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

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