Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celestia Reveal #9

Reveal number nine is out and it reveals another Marleybonian this time Doggy boy. Arlen Dawneyes from The Two-headed Wiz believes it might be Thurston Plunkett our explorer in distress I though do not believe this is him but rather another NPC we well encounter in Celestia. I was making some observations on the Celestia Wallpaper and here are my thoughts on three specific shadows.
Shadow outlined in Red.:
I think this is some sort of turtle or similar creature the back end almost looks like flippers you'd associate with Sea turtles maybe a NPC? a Pet? a Mount? the possibilities are near endless I hope its a pet though ;-)

Shadow outlined in Green:
This for me anyway looks hands down to be the Angler fish guy from KI's concept art of creatures from Celestia that we saw during Ravenwood Radio.

Shadow outlined in Yellow:
This looks like it COULD BE some sort of mechanical creature but to me that's to far fetched I really think its the Sea Horse mount (Or NPC or Both) that people have been speculating KI add for a long time.

Although I'm most likely wrong I'm sure I got at least one of the shadows down to a general creature but who knows except for Kingsisle we can only wait until they reveal more.

See ya the pets are a Calling,
Alric Ravensinger

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