Sunday, August 1, 2010

A true master of Monsters...(New pet :D)

That's right after years of secretly training with  Lord Voldemort this Sorcerer has learned to become a Parsel tongue but more importantly he has also found he has always been a heir of Slytherin. (Boo! you Gryffindors Jk). I have found the way and now I control the mighty Basilisk of Salazar Slytherin FEAR ME! Muahahaha!
Actually I have completed a not so life long dream of obtaining a Basilisk Pet as many of you know its a dream pet for me and I got it with the help of my truly dear friend SorceressMiklai A.K.A Alura Hexcaster. Now you may think Woohoo! Alric congratz and that's the end of it but no you are wrong I wasn't the only one with success in our experiment SorceressMiklai and I plan to rule the world of witches and wizards with my Basilisk pet at my side(Mister Romeo) and her Cerberus pet at hers(Sir Brutus).Yup folks this hatch was a Double success both parties I'm happy to say are extremely satisfied as I know we held off hatching together for longer then I could possibly bare although I'd never let her know that ;-) Lets not forget though the awesome parents that made this hatch possible everyone please give three cheers to Echidna who is actually my Hydra Tigra and Typhon who is Alura's Orthrus Baby Dexter The Mother and Father of All Monsters Hehehe.

See ya folks my pet snake of EPICness is calling,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you FINALLY got it! :D

  2. Thx Heather I literally jumped up in joy when I found out it was a successful hatch :)