Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grand Finale! Fame at a Price Episode VIII! "Deathsong of the Wiz Hunters!"

Here we are at the end finally. It's been a long road full of sleepless nights of coloring and long delays but now in it's entirety I bring to you my dear readers the final piece of the puzzle - Fame at a Price Episode 8 the comic's finale!

It took 6 months 26 days to actually finish the comic and 9 months 25 days to present it to you now. I admit I am sort of sad to see it end and hopefully I did Tom and Bailey justice in these 7 pages. Remember that it's cause of you readers that I started it and I hope you enjoy this final episode. A special thanks to Amber Deathsong whom I have dedicated this episode for using part of her name for it's title. I hope to refine and sharpen my skills to bring you folks more comics in the future and if you've stuck with me through this whole long 9 months of life this episode is also dedicated to you.

Onward to the Future though I hope you all will join me as I begin my new Comic Alexander and The secret of the Sanctum which will launch within 2 months you can see some of it's story and lore on my "Alexander Comic Info" tab. Anyway it's been fun and again I thank you Tom and Bailey for being my comic stars and allowing me to include you in my own world of Wizard101 and doodles. Who knows maybe one day I'll come back to FAAP hopefully.....

Also in this episode are cameos of Heather Raven, Fallon Shadowblade, and lastly Cassandra Dragonheart.
Sorry Connor Mistblade and Wolf Winterstaff I really tried to include you within the 7 pages but I ran out of frames but don't fret your future is bright within my comic world so perhaps you'll be in it someday in some form.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. I love the comic Tio and always have ... BUT ... PvP tips with me? *snort* I learn as I continue to PvP!

  2. Firezilla drawing was REALLY awesome. Thanks for taking time to do the comic! :)

  3. Well Done! Really just a fantastic job. I can't wait to see the Alexander Comic.

  4. Yeah Arlen Firezilla frame is my favorite especially window 4 him roaring I just like how it turned out very aggressive ;)

  5. It has been so much fun to be the focus of your amazing creative talent! Thanks for the adventure! I loved everything about it and the ending ROCKED!

  6. Amazing work! Hehe, I tried to draw a comic but it was nowhere near as good as yours...maybe with a few more years of practice. I hope to see more of your work, because it really is awesome!