Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming: New Comic - Alexander and The secret of the Sanctum.

First of let's say that although the comic won't be out for some time those of you who read my blog specifically for my comics deserve a little something and maybe I can make new fans as well either way I am excited for this brand new comic.

Alexander and The secret of the Sanctum

For those concerned about the final episode of Fame at a Price don't worry as soon as I get my scanner up and running again it's gonna be up for viewing. Now you'll notice I put up a new tab titled "*New* Comic Info" I'll be updating that little by little with various info about factions,places,and people within my comic world. This is Wizard101 but done my way so to speak.

I hope you all will enjoy it when I finally will be able to put it up and here is a little info in addition to the tab for your reading pleasure.

- Takes place in Wizard City, Mooshu, and Celestia.

- Comic will feature fully drawn characters so no more "stick" people that we all grew use to from Fame at a Price comic.

- Comics will be longer but down side of that is it'll take longer to make since I am drawing everything.

- Expect to see some familiar faces from the Spiral and expect to see characters inspired by players within the Wizard 101 Community. (Example: A Character based off of Christina Icedreamer might be present however it'll be a completely different look,name, and location etc etc)

- Various items and spells might be stylized in my own style so like characters you'll see some similarities but distinct differences.
- *Alexander Griffinheart is the main character he is part of a gardening group. He has been asked to accompany some scholars to investigate a mysterious type of vegetation located within ruins deep inside of Celestia what secrets will he find within the ancient ruins? Was he destined to be more than just a gardener? He is a Pyromancer. *

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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