Monday, January 31, 2011

Test Realm is open! A plethora of updates!

You can view them here let's take a look at the ones I am most excited about!

January Update Notes 2011  

Let's star with a prime area of interest for me Housing!!
Those lovely Wildclaws learned how to make wallpaper, cut, and lay down tile! woot! Grizzleheim inspired Wallpaper and Tiles is now available that's great news for my storm Isaac and his Dragon Fjord and Vanessa Stormcaller's Wood cabin house! :)

2 new houses both right out of Celestia one is a Floating land style house which I seen looks pretty cool actually although I think my Storm "Floating Land" house is still better! It can be bought with gold or crowns. The second house is a little trickier it's a crafted house much like the Watchtower Hall so be sure to plant those Pink dandelions now to ensure you have some cause it's a tall order for sure.

For you that own the MASSIVELY FANTASY PALACE you can now kick out any ill doers even if they happen to be in a duel so play nice people!

Onto with the pets!

Ice hounds cast their own spells now

Jade Oni and Earthwalker pets cast spells that represent their schools this is interesting I wonder if they are referring to Power up. I also wonder what spell the Earthwalker would have now but this is only speculation.


The Meowodon has it's speed raised to 40% like other mounts Alura will be happy to hear this I'm sure.

These mounts sadly will be removed from the crown shop for the time being.

- Purple Glider
- Faithful Dragoness
- White Mare
not a mount but the CL sword is also being removed.

Membership Benefits

Current active subscribers who have paid with a credit card are now part of our Wizard101 Membership Program! As part of our Wizard101 Membership Program, players who have made a subscription purchase with a valid credit card in the last 30 days, or have an active recurring subscription will have these added features:
  1. Energy will refill twice as fast.
  2. Your backpack will grow to 120 slots.
  3. Your Crafting Timers will now reset twice as fast.
  4. Your friends list will expand to 120 people.
This does not apply to players who use their credit card to purchase Crowns.
This does not apply to players who use Gift Certificates or Gift Cards to make their purchases in Wizard101.
You will have these benefits as long as you have an active renewing membership. These benefits expire when your membership expires.
Please note, when your membership expires (you are no longer an active subscriber) your backpack will return to 100 slots and you will not be able to put more items in your backpack until you empty out the overflow. Your friends list will also return to 100 maximum, and you will not be able to add new friends until you remove the overflow

 I like this so far however let's see how other players react to it.

I won't ruin it for you hopefully this enticed you enough to read the notes and check out the test realm yourself!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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