Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome home Tyranny! :D

  Yeah I know why would I say that what kinda of title is that? Well my readers it's the name of My storm alt's new Leviathan spell! I know I was shocked too when I realized that Isaac Storm my little storm dude finally hit Lvl 58! I said thank you to her that night but I'll publicly state it here as well so everyone can enjoy it like how everyone has been enjoying watching me embarrassed on Twitter these days. So, I'd like to thank Alura Hexcaster in her myth forme which is Cori Willowhaven for kicking my wizard butt these past couple months on leveling up my wizard(s) Isaac probably STILL be in Marleybone if you hadn't pushed me and yes I admit sometimes coax me too :P

Also if you remember Isaac is part of Team Nightowls so I am also glad to inform you that Cori Willowhaven and Bailey Icecaster also got to Lvl 58 and now all of Team Nightowls has their Lvl 58 spells and is in the Science Center! Woot!

Below is snapshots from the quest and dialogue! :) Enjoy!
I also had my dear Cori and tia Cassandra Dragonheart with me for the summoning! :) Best friends in any world that one could ask for.

 Such a powerful beast likes worms lol I wonder what else tickles it's fancy?

 Who knew honorable cows loved worms especially large ones eww!

 I also got a glitched "invisible" Cori and her summoning of Medusa!

Good luck with all your questing wizards! Team Nightowls forever!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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