Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Call forth the Ghost Hound!


That's right I am gotten myself a Ghost Hound courtesy of Alura Hexcaster and her Danger Hound (She also got a Ghost hound named Snoopie :D ). Its been like 3-4 days since I got it but man am I still love it. It looks so cool and reminds me of the legend of The Black Shuck England's Doom dog. I do have plans for this pet though beyond a fashion statement I want a good fire pet with fearsome looks to boot. So me and Alura are gonna eventually mix in hopes my Ghost hound obtains Talents from her pet a Crimsonzilla named Chloe who might I add has the nice Pain-giver Talent (Universal damage). Speaking of everyone three cheers for Alura who raised this pet at lightning fast speed within a week it Chloe went from teen to now........Epic! isn't that great? Of course it is hehe all of you know how hard that last stretch to epic can be Chloe manifested everything great for a pet Health-gift (+102 Max),the afforementioned Pain-giver,Fire-giver(fire damage),and Fire-shot (Fire accuracy) isn't that awesome. On a unrelated note to the Ghost hound and Chloe my dearest friend Cassandra Dragonheart finally learned to love her Satyr and mixed with a Colossus and got herself a mighty fine FrostCaller named Jasmine I've been lucky enough to be called Uncle hehe. (If Cassandra tries to deny loving her Satyr tis a false statement hehe she'll probably kill me for writing this :P I win Cass all my followers are gonna read this! )

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

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  1. oh Uncle Alric -- Jasmine is calling you -- she has a sword she wants to impale you on! Shin Kicking, hyper active Goats drive me NUTS! I much prefer my beautiful CALM Frostcaller.

    And you MAY win this time sir, but in the long run, you lose! :P