Sunday, August 15, 2010

Master Artisan Alric and Introducing Mister Roxy :D

Yes I've done it after months and months of just having it sit there in my Quest book I finally did it I am now a bonafide Master Artisan. This quest as you might have NOT imagined was not hard just tedious I always looking to the future knew about the Master Artisan quest when I was still an apprentice so I saved any Black pearls and Blood Moss I came across unfortunately my wizard travels had me sell some Blood Moss and pearls here and there so at the end I needed assistance from you guessed it Alura Hexcaster who was nice enough to sell the few Blood Moss and pearls I needed and viola I am now (have been actually for like a week lol) a Master Artisan. Its quite fitting actually I mean I am an artist after all so it's nice I get to show it kinda lol.

In other news of awesomeness yours truly has succeeded a third time at a Hybrid hatching attempt everyone please welcome Mister Roxy the Fatezilla to the Ravensinger Pet farm hehe. I do plan to raise it and if it gets nice Storm boosts I think it'll make a nice Storm pet with the good looks of Balance to boot.

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

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