Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hard workin' wizard

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of stories and posts in general lately I have been a busy sorcerer. First off in case you didn't see on Twitter me and my darling Alura Hexcaster are officially part of the The Petnome Project team. Although honestly you could of seen me editing pages weeks ago but now I am O-fficial. That has taken up some of my time editing a pet genome database is serious business folks and I take it as such. I'd like to also thank my very good friend and mentor Kevin Battleblood for allowing me to help out. I have always been a supporter of Petnome and it's cause(s) which are for the community and by the community.

I also have been brushing up on my knowledge of Tamriel and the Elder Scrolls as I anticipate Skyrim's release however I wont say anymore on this matter. This. Is. Wizard101. In game the bulk of my time has been spent in the Waterworks getting both my Legendary Storm and Pyromancer their Lv 60 gear. I also have been spending time in the land of the Kroks on my Death wizard Morgrim "Morty" Shadowshade. He a few days ago now finished up Krokotopia and is in now Marleybone.

I also want to announce that I am now a Moderator on Diary of a Wizard forums I want to also give a big thanks to Fallon Shadowblade for allowing this diary kid to help out with a staple site in our community. Second I want you all to head over to DOAW May, 29th 2011 as details will be given for this year's Ravenwood Ball! woot! Although I can't give details I think it's safe to inform you all of a big change/surprise headed to Diary of a Wizard. This new change is huge and is a collaboration of many people including yours truly. Needless to say we are improving for the sake of a community we love; the Wizard101 community.

Finally for those who are avid readers and enjoy a great fanfic I have exclusively received the next chapter in "Prophecy of Blades" by the lovely Lady Blade. As many of you know she is my hermana and a close companion of mine. I do hope you all enjoy what's has been written therein she is a fantastic writer! I am sure Blaze Stormthief will be like ZOMG once he reads the new installment. I will also update my Fanfiction page with her story. This however is only a taste of the full chapter. Enjoy!
Prophecy of Blades
Chapter 6
"After they cleaned the classroom, Tristan invited everyone to his house for supper since it was too late for lunch.  Tristan turned out to be a pretty good cook.  He made a delicious stew and fresh bread.  The three visiting wizards inhaled deeply as the smell crept into the sitting room.  Even the house seemed to be happily groaning as the aroma wafted through the halls.  While Tristan prepared supper, Heather and Destiny filled Alexis in on all that had happened.  She listened silently and intently. 

“So let me get this straight!”  Alexis said as they began to eat.  “Lord Nightshade, Tristan’s ancestor, is the one who started the Titan War.  The Great Raven, Bartleby’s sister, told you in person that she is the one who imprisoned him and there is a prophecy hidden behind a giant rock in Sunken City’s Death tower that tells how he can be freed but you need three people with Blade in their last name holding three Dragonspyre Blades and Tristan to reveal it?”  She sat back in the chair, folded her arms and stared in disbelief. 

“Something like that.”  Tristan answered as he tossed a piece of stew soaked bread to a begging Ruth.  “Only you make it sound like we are crazy.”

Alexis gave a sharp laugh at this response.  “I make it sound crazy?  Would you believe me if I told that same story to you?” 

Tristan clamped his hand over Destiny’s mouth before she could reply with a smart answer.  “I guess it does sound farfetched but the question at hand is do you believe us?”

Alexis started to answer but a knock at the door stopped her.  Tristan opened it and Grandmother Raven walked in.  “Now I do.”  Alexis said, completely shocked."
Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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  1. Glad to have you on board! You've been supporting us, very actively, for over a year, and it'd be a strange world if you weren't directly involved with the Petnome Project. Also, congrats on the moderator position! Hoping to see DoaW grow under your and John's management!