Monday, May 2, 2011

Wintertusk's Story (Spoiler)

Ok wizards for a few of you that like to be spoiled I will divulge in the story of Wintertusk for those of you that don't like spoilers you read at your own risk beyond this point.

So Wintertusk begins where Grizzleheim left off here is a recap of Grizzleheim you basically go to GH to reforge it's relationship to the Spiral while there you learn of problems within the various clans of Grizzleheim. You are sent on a quest to become a hero worthy of speaking to the king performing various feats to prove yourself. Such as helping the folks of Ander's Holt against the Red Claws clearing Sarvastaad Pass of the wretched Gendels and reforming the relationships between the Bear and Wolf clans. As time goes on you slowly uncover a plot set out by the Ravens in particular The Coven to set the clans against each other. They do this to obtain the other clans rune stones for a ritual. That ritual will bring about the destruction of Grizzleheim it is known as the Everwinter forever freezing Grizzleheim. Eventually you head into Raven territory as you venture into Ravenscar you eventually thwart their plans to bring Grizzleheim to it's knees in an endless winter The Coven for now are defeated.

----------Spoiler Alert--------Do not read if you don't wanna know Wintertusk's plot line-------------------

Once again you are called to help in an isolated part of Grizzleheim as The Coven is back for more. Once there you find yourself looking at some of Wintertusk's frozen inhabitants as The Coven wreak havoc. You soon find out that your greatest ally -- Bartleby's sister Grandmother Raven is trapped by The Coven you soon with her guidance find a way to release her so that she can take her true form as a giant raven. You soon discover from Granny Raven that The Coven are still pursuing their goal of putting all of Grizzleheim in a endless winter and this time will do so by waking up the Ice Titan Ymir who slumbers in the bowels of Nastrond.

Granny Raven then sends you on a quest to retrieve 4 Golden Seals from Ymir's sons with these seals the player will be able to undo The Covens magic and prevent Ymir from being awakened. You then venture to each son's realm performing various tasks to earn each seal once you have all 4 you must then return to Granny Raven. Now is the time to stop The Coven once and for all you then head into Nastrond a network of caves beneath Granny Raven's tree in Hrundle Fjord to confront The Coven. You fight your way through 6 bosses (2 separate and 4 as a group) once this is done you gain access to the final chamber. In here leader and only member of The Coven present Kol Shadowsong is about to reawaken Ymir. As you try to stop him he sets against you Ymir's sons and you must defeat them once you do you use the golden seals to keep Ymir asleep with the Titan slumbering and The Coven's magic undone they are truly defeated and you once again save all of Grizzleheim from an eternal winter.

This is the basic story of course there are many side stories and quests to figure out but for those curious I wanted to give you the plot of both Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. Hope you enjoy!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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