Monday, May 2, 2011

Full steam ahead

Hello wizards as many of you may now know Wintertusk is in the Test Realm along with a plethora of other updates to the game both to gameplay, aesthetics, and pets.

One thing can summon up this Test Realm: BEST EVER!!! Oh wait that was 2 words but goes to express the sheer amazingness of it all. the KT group on Skype as well as the Wizard101 community on twitter exploded with glee as we all logged into the Test Realm. Even the cool Kevin Battleblood cried with excitement trust me we were all on call I heard it myself.

I honestly didn't know where to begin so I went with what I naturally DON'T do -- I started Questing. The initial impression I had was while aesthetically pleasing WinterTusk seemed a tad crowded  now whether this was from the countless amounts of players in the game or from the fact WinterTusk especially the area of Hrundle Fjord is very Village like in fact it is a village and so there are many houses etc that seem to take up a lot of the room. Don't let me dissuade you however once you get to Austrilund and onward the areas are pretty wide open.

Now let's move on to where I would naturally start at -- Pets! New Lv 58 pets are available although aesthetically pleasing I have heard many complaints on the pets themselves. Which range from lack of accuracy on the innate cards to lackluster talents. I myself am overall pleased with the Judgement pet although I'd wish KI would of scrapped Mana Gift on all pets as well as the 2 astral talents -- Vengeance and Gargantuan. As far as design go KI hit their mark each pet has it's own personality and animations look great.
Another complaint from fans is a apparent glitch regarding hybrids which a resulting hybrid isn't hatched from the appropriate pet i.e. a Judgement and Kraken somehow make a Fire wyvern.

Overall this is the greatest update to come to the game the sheer richness of Wintertusk along with the various new activities for a wizard to do will have many of us busy for quite a while.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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