Friday, May 21, 2010

The Fabulous Grace Souldust (Grandmaster Theurgist)

In now times its hard to come across a generally overall wonderful person who just radiates Awesomeness and passes it along to everyone she meets I was lucky enough to meet someone like that the world I introduce to you my dearest Friend cause she is truly a friend Grace Souldust! I wanted to shout at a top of a mountain how amazing this women is but I can't I don't got my hiking gear ;) hehehe so instead I'll show off her awesomeness here on my blog. In fact I'll do a list Five things that make Grace the best.

1. She is so kind so willing to help someone anyone all her other friends and myself can confirm this she should be a Mercenary 4 Hire I know she'd be good at it.

2. She is willing to give if she could I can't count how many times she has gotten a pet I wanted (most recently today she got Pixie Queen) and she wishes I could have it instead and would give it to me if she could who does that?

3. She is so fun to talk to so respectful but by no means is not susceptible to random acts of pure randomness and funnies to which she attributes to her "Old"ness though I tell her she isn't 

4. She is the Black Lotus Fairy seriously she finds them easier then A novice wizard trying annoying a Grandmaster and what does she do "Alric I found some Black Lotus want it?" Who does that Not me!

5. So dependable I can't find no one who as reliable as her she is always ready to battle and help me farm for my pets she has a wealth of knowledge though she thinks she is a Nooblet I will admit though she should get more involved with the great Wizard101 Community.

BONUS!! 6. She has dogs who doesn't like that and loves horse she loves her many wizards and personalities ;)  and guess what Wizard is lucky enough to take her to The Wizard101 Prom that's right me Alric Ravensinger will be Graced by Grace though I don't deserve it as friends of course (She is Happily Married).

I implore all you aspiring young wizards out there and older grumpy ones who need an attitude change to emulate Grace but don't expect to be exactly like her cause she is one of a kind.

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