Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fame At a Price Episode II "In Angband" is now up check it out Plus another comic and housing Ideas I drew

Continuing The wackiness of Episode I Friendly has been captured and taken to a secret location in Nightside what will happen this episode read to find out.

Also for my readers a bonus short comic about a Novice Wizard who wants to join a Clan this short comic is titled "Tryouts" Enjoy! This comic I thought I would keep in black and white.
Another bonus for my readers is I was on J Todd Coleman's Facebook page for Wizard101 and saw people complaining about a lack of Housing items I being a decorating extraordinaire put in my two cents about there not being a lack of housing items but a lack of certain school type of Items so I decided to Pen my Ideas I had for housing items. don't worry about the name on the side Pierre is my real name lol.
Remember if you can't see pictures right click on them to view them bigger.


  1. Impressive work again! Can't wait to see who else is with the Evil Theurgist :)