Monday, May 31, 2010

NEW!!! Fame At a Price Episode III "Small Package,Big Bite" is now up + My own concept art of Celestia crabs

Ok folks Episode III follows The Evil Theurgist announcing he is part of an evil group called The Wiz hunters but what part does he actually play and who else is with the Evil Theurgist Read to find out more.

Also as another bonus for you my readers I added a conceptual drawing I did of the Celestia crab guys Enjoy!
 Happy Farming!!!


  1. AWESOME Necromantic Crab you've got going there...that shoulder pad reminds me of Mechwarrior in a way, but that definitely is a fearsome crustacean!

    "WizHunters"...sounds like a collection team...and Bailey's on her quest to find her husband, starting out in

  2. Lol Collection team.
    Thanks glad you like the Crab Warrior haven't though of a name for him yet any suggestions?

  3. Episode III - Hmm, I still waiting to see the Pet Master save the Day!! LOL!!!

    I hope you do this until summer's end! Would love to see more episodes :)

  4. @ Alric: For some reason, I want to call him "COLE SLAW!!!" Sounds pretty intimidating if not for the actual side dish existing...