Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ravensinger Diary: Entry I - The reward and the friendship

So everyone the Ravensinger diary is basically me telling you about my wizard adventures so here we go.

I. My best est friend Grace Souldust and I farmed random bosses this week for hours she got lucky and I lucked out she managed to get the Jade Oni pet from jade himself and was even able to snag a bonus prize in the form of a Tunic of Fiery Renewal while I kept getting common loot no worries though as I was extremely happy my dear friend was able to get really nice loot. Maybe she can put it on one of her many personalities I mean wizards lol (That was an inside joke btw)

II. I've decided that I will attend the The Ravenwood Ball event from Diary of a wizard. I also will be attending the Wizard101 Prom over at Wizard101 Central I probably will go by myself but lady wizards out there don't let that stop you from asking :-) lol

III. I am extremely happy to say I've been added to The Friendly Necromancer's MMO Blog Club in addition to having my art of him and bailey featured on the Main page WOOT! and having my 3rd blog post featured on Diary of a Wizard.

So what can be said from this week from hard work came The reward and from having fun I strengthen the friendship between me and my wizardly friends have a good week everyone and Happy Farming!!!

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