Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MMORPG unveils....

Good Morning/afternoon wizards!

Seems like only yesterday I gave everyone another new teaser that KI have so graciously given the community to get us excited for the coming of a new world. Oh wait I did do that only yesterday so in a shocking move KI has released a new picture today. This time MMORPG.com has been selected to be the bearer of sceenshot news! It just confirmed my original intentions on the previous post. That we would see Middle or a race/species that have involvement in the story line. Who? You might ask....well it's Morganthe's critters of terror --- the Shadow Weavers! Hopefully this time KI does them justice and we get an actual story on the Shadow Weavers. In fact just more cowbell in general on Morganthe and her dark army. Please KI? People like me love to delve into the mythos of a world -- give us a treat not a trick?

Once again Team Kev-Kat have deciphered the message in record time. Great job guys! You rock! This time the message says: "Find her there" Now it's all full cirlce as the mystery of the message has been solved.
"Down in the depths, At the top of the world, find her there"
Find who? Perhaps Morganthe? That seems to be the popular theory. Only time will tell but I'm sure the wizard community is right on the money....we usually have good instincts. 

The picture title says graveyard at first I admit I thought it was a temple of some sort perhaps of worship. I do believe this new world and in this image particularly is above water. The sky DOES look like sort of underwater but honestly it looks more stormy as in a storm is about to break out. Further on the far left we see some vine growth. Vines don't grow like that when in water so it leads me to believe they are above it. Again though only time will tell if I am right or wrong.

What are your theories?

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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  1. My theories are complex and difficult to understand, but most of them fall along the lines of "HAZ WANT NOW!" and "ohhh...... shiny."

    That being said, I also think it's above ground, if only because the underwater thing has been SO overdone. The picture saved on my computer as "elephant graveyard" and I'm having trouble picturing that being underwater. That and the fact that there's no bubbles coming from anyone, and we've never seen a ShadowWeaver underwater before. They don't strike me as underwater enemies.