Saturday, October 1, 2011

A sudden chill runs down my back I's October!

That's right folks! One of my favorite months in one of my favorite seasons is here! October and Autumn! Woot! It's time to leave the normal and bust out with the paranormal! Leaving the Mundane for the I have no clue! Let's celebrate though!

Some of you might be aware but most probably not I am have keen fascination with the Paranormal and the occult. Don't worry I am not a real life Sorcerer and I definitely don't mess with Ouija boards. I am a sort of historical researcher on occult and every once in awhile I'll do some amateur ghost hunting with the family. How is that for some quality family time? eh?

Sink your teeth into this for example. Did you know that Necromancers weren't how we see them today? Back in the olde days Necromancers were sort of like Seers or Oracles they didn't raise the dead like we think they did. I know sorry to disappoint no corpses they would raise the souls of the decease to ask for advice, about future events, or even ask for aid. However don't get me wrong these practices often did include having the bodies of the people they wish to contact sometimes even having only certain body parts. Sometimes the ritual called for a human or animal sacrifice but it was rare and one could invoke the spirits by simply offering an item. (Hence the spell. Good job tying it in KI)  It's not without it's bad though in the Middle Ages Necromancy took on a more familiar role of conjuring up the dead (literally) and summoning demons for malicious intent or to gain knowledge.

Interesting stuff right? I'll be moving on from that though I don't wanna freak anyone out. As with every year the community in Wizard101 has several things to look forward to. The Halloween Tower(s), Farmings for Halloween crown items, and even pertaining to the month of ghosts and gobblers. Oops I mean Goblins. That's not the only excitement though for those who love the scary things in life there are a few channels on Tv I know will be airing spooktacular shows all of October. SyFy and it's 31 days of Halloween, Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, and Chiller Channel. Trust me if you are looking for a scare you'll find it on one of those channels I am sure I am missing one or two but these I watch the most.

As a final note I'd like to thank all of you who continue to read my blog despite the lack of comics and such. It's bad I know I sort of took away the thing that made me and this blog unique. I don't just want to be confined to a single talent I'd like to show you folks that I am multidimensional as well which is why I do blog about mythos or various lore within the game dissecting it and it's influences. I do have a surprise though I won't shed any light on it but I think it's cool and people will love it.

Until next time your vile undead host,
Alric Ravensinger

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