Friday, April 27, 2012

Self Imposed Exile

Howdy everyone,

  It goes without saying it's been a long time since I wrote a post on this site or even visited it. Without going into the real meat of it all I took a break for me. I realized that like any other person there are times (as there should be) when real life takes precedent over the gaming "life". I didn't quit playing the game but I took a step back from blogging and all the other activities that stemmed from playing Wizard101.

  In the end I was burning time and energy faster than the sun, I also admit a lack of creativity in my posts. Which is selfish on my end and is not what anyone deserves I was selling whomever still reads this blog and myself short. I still keep a presence via Twitter, In game, and despite me moving to other games Wizard101 still remains my de facto MMORPG to play. I also had the pleasure of spending more time with SorceressMiklai over the past few months and our next meeting should be around early November.

   I am back again though. Not just cause I wanted to, but I felt it was time, that the landscape is changing and there are stories to be told. I probably will not ever go back to blogging 2-3 a day like I have done in the past but expect a post or two every week or two. I plan on doing a lot of thing with this blog and I am so excited for everyone to be a part of it. As you can also tell I have updated the site considerably with a new header, (of which I am proud of) new color scheme, and new updated links. I plan to make this blog about both Wizard101 and Pirate101 once and if I get into Closed Beta.

In case anyone is interested these are the games I have been playing some for over a year and some only for a small amount of time no more than a month or two.

- Wakfu, a new MMORPG from Square Enix who if you have been living under a rock make the well known Final Fantasy series. As The Friendly Necromancer pointed out games like Wakfu are a great way to "mini" prepare for the upcoming Pirate101. It is currently in Open Beta.

- Monkey Quest, believe it or not I had bought the now ended magazine Beckett's Massive Online Gamer or MOG for some Wizard101 articles and free code when I stumbled on an extensive feature article on this game along with a code for a free in game item. It's fun, it's quirky, and unlike Monquistador Monkeys these ones are actually pretty cool.

- Drakensang Online, My darling SorceressMiklai showed me this game. I instantly became interested on the detail of the bestiary (which can be found on the site) as well as the intriguing story. I haven't played it in a few weeks though.

As a final note I do plan to keep true to my promise for a Fame at a Price 2 but it will be in my own timing so there will be no set date and probably no announcement. The mistake I made before was pressuring myself with deadlines and as such I plan to work at this in my own way. I have always been known for drawing good work exceptionally fast but for this? I always make good work but my exceptional work is a thing that requires time. I know this now and knew it then....and I should of known better than to force it.
I also plan to one day in the future make a Pirate101 comic but the same terms apply here. My time. My pace. but I promise you folks....I have stories fleshed out already I think everyone is gonna enjoy what the future has in store.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger
Captain Justininao

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