Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Fight Alric R. V.S. Alura H.

So I had just entered the live realm after a epic test realm party and look who is on my "Old" buddy Alura Hexcaster you might know her she is around the mercenaries for hire page a lot anyway I decided to port long story short we were gonna help do Big Ben for a member requiring the Mercenaries services throughout the tower things were great and getting worst I became many things you women wizards hate I called her old then said she was making me forget stuff cause of her oldness etc.. Now the battle is on cause on Central I said I could tame her get ready honey cause another one is gonna bite the dust and it ain't gonna be me or Freddie Mercury cause he is dead already (R.I.P I love Queen!!!) and just so everyone knows I begged Alura not to tell anyone that I begged now I'm telling you that I begged does that make sense? I won in the end though cause she foolishly didn't take a screen shot of me begging cause I did seriously I pressed the Emote and everything. So in conclusion its on now between us in a friendly but nonetheless competitive way. BRING IT ON GRANDMA!!!

Btw you older wizards out there no offense about the old thing I rather battle,chat,and hangout with you any day over someone my own age we are generally immature still and I definitely can't play with anyone younger then me either this is all for fun so don't be bothered by it.


  1. Oh Come on, Alric! Tell it like it REALLY is...LOL You afraid to show the whole conversation so your readers can judge for themselves whether or not I am too old or you just tripped over your tongue :P

    Alura HexCaster Grandmaster Sorceress (old but not bested)

  2. Cool, this is M.W.S from ConnectX I've followed and added this blog to my list keep up the gj! xD

  3. HEHE I admit people I did trip over my tongue lol.