Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun with Fallon!

So after Ravenwood Radio's Sweet 16 after party I met up with the admin for Diary of a Wizard the amazing Fallon Shadowblade at the Pet Pavilion cause during the party I foolishly and openly challenged her to a Pet Derby Re-match.(Cause I'd lost the first one) It quickly became apparent I was outclassed again as she and her husband promptly whooped my pet butt like a Gobbler getting spanked by his momma. Nonetheless we had fun and Fallon got to exchange House Tours with me they of course liked my Casita and I did theirs if not for the lack of furniture but for the hospitality and the HUGE amount of pets they had for which we partook in silliness and fun by dancing for the little guys. So thanks Fallon for the save til the end cherry on top of a already world class night :) Happy Farming!!!
And as a bonus Prize I'll add a Pic of the Sweet 16 Podcast After Party :)