Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pet Love-Storm Bat

OK so today's Pet info is the Storm Bat and I decided to change it from the uber formal Pet Info to the awesome Pet Love so which pet gets some love today it's the awesome Storm Bat pet!

-This Pet is dropped from Wavebringer in the Shirataki Temple(which is why you see so little of them as farming Wavebringer requires completing almost the whole instance)
-Its a No Auction pet already so you can't sell it to the bazaar (after the pet update no pet can be sold or bought at Bazaar anymore)
- It comes with an item card and that is of course Lightning Bats
-Covetness I believe is high for this pet just cause of its rarity but keep trying wizards I got mine from Wavebringer only after my second try of farming him
To end this awesome Pet love I'd like show off my own Storm Bat pet :)

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