Monday, May 3, 2010

Storm Elves,Myth Imps,and Icewings Oh My!

Well I gotta say the new pet overhaul has got me happy and sad its bittersweet yes it is.
I am happy that pets will be more useful to us then little things we have by our side in battles.
But I see they added a whole production line of new pets out there now and I fear people will farm pets now not cause it looked good with them or cause that particular pet is special for said reason but because we wanna see how it will help us. How we can benefit from having that EPIC trait its sad really. Plus now everyone will be farming pets around the clock there won't be nothing special anymore about a rare pet no " Cool pet where did you get it? I don't see those often" now it will be "Yeah I have fifth Icewing pets they drop easy for me" or "how did you get Spider Golem pet?" "Oh I got it from said person in the hatchery"-See there is nothing special about that no "Heck yeah I beat Stoker and won this pet all this hardwork payed off " Oh well I guess at least those of us who farmed for pets post pet update will know I farmed for this pet I worked hard for it and its mine :)

 Happy Farming!!!

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