Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Brief Moment in Time.....

Heh recaps you know I usually hate these things yes I've done things this year but basically I just been living like everyone else. However I can honestly say this year was awesome I've met so many people who have changed me. Let's begin.

 It all started at an event held by The Mercenaries for Hire Soldiers of the Spiral in their own right the date was April 24th, 2010. This is honestly one of the first events I can remember attending. During this event I saw them both yes I know I'm a dog more than one :p. One I was plotting to throw into the fiery chasm of The Drake Hatchery and the other had just started Wizard101 yep I'm talking about my dearest Alura Hexcaster and Cassandra Dragonheart.

 I never realized the magnitude of effect these two amazing women have on me wouldn't trade them for any of the worlds in the spiral. I'm just the luckiest dog in the world I guess I got one who can give me a milkbone and another who scratches my tummy Lol.

  The same week of the Merc event I started this blog although the official open date is April 17th I didn't add an actually story until the week of the event. I love my blog although I don't have as many followers as some other more prominent members of the Wizard101 blogging scene I know my stories at least get read and if anything people know me by word of mouth.

  Another monumental set of people I met this year are my pet mentor and close friend Kevin BattleBlood and his partner farmer in crime Missy A.K.A Scarlet DeathBlood. I met Kevin at a Ravenwood Radio party and as time sandwiched events together next thing I knew I found myself farming The Raven Coven with him and Missy doing the signature 3-4 turn Tempest Kill. Then as Advanced Pets came out I found myself becoming a student of his learning the various aspects of pets as he and his team including Miguel Wildthorn discovered more and more. The result of such teaching is I've passed my knowledge to a number of wizards myself now and regularly have pet questions thrown my way.

 Missy was an enigma at the beginning of our friendship if you could call it that at that time. I still joke and mention to her now about the only things we use to get out of her our whole 4 hour farm session was "Hi" and "Lol" whenever we said anything amusing. Over the months though I am comfortable saying I've broken through her shell or at least a layer of it and the conclusion I've come to is......Missy is freakin' awesome. She's incredibly funny and has a exquisite taste of music if I don't say so myself. She's a NightOwl just like me and Alura which is perfect as she also happens to be a kick-butt farming buddy gotta love storm right?

 The next person isn't one person but a group of people you all know and love The Friendly Necromancer family. May of this year I started a comic called Fame at a Price based off of Tom and co-starring Bailey his wife. The success of the comic and Tom featuring it on his site definitely contributed directly to the followers I have and basically me being known at all. The cherry on top is I have become good friends with Bailey his wife who is just a delightful person to be around. Amber his daughter whom I consider FAAP's No. 1 fan also has had an effect on me I never realized someone could like my comic as much as she does it's still quite flattering.

 I also have met two awesome people through Kevin Lauren IronBane and Jasmine StormBlood both of whom are just great farming people and great friends I've spent many late nights with either one and it's always been a blast no matter what or who we were farming.

 All of my blogging friends have become a great highlight of this year and asset in game. Heather Raven who is with her olde style ways simply enchanting and I love reading her blog. Arlen Dawneyes who despite me actually having a sour disposition towards changed my mind he's a good kid. Luke Goldhorn my buddy who I became good friends with and I love reading his blog when it doesn't involve wizardry drama :P.

 I also gotta give it up to the crew of Ravenwood Radio if it wasn't for their podcast I don't think I would have met as many of the people I've come to call friends. Stephen is just a cool person and I can IRL relate with him since we both live in the same city. Leesha is nice as well I love all her trips which provide often exclusive  info on the game we all love Wizard101 plus I'll admit now I like her voice. >.<

   All in all this year has been great a truly remarkable time in my life I definitely not where I use to be. I've definitely grown as an individual and I have gained confidence I otherwise wouldn't have. This new found confidence in myself and my skills has spilled over into my real life adventures and metaphorically I am no longer afraid of the dark. I have fallen but I have learned to rise up again however the difference now is I have all of you to help me up and I thank you all. Time to begin anew and I definitely look forward to what 2011 hold.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Awwwww. I have "olde style charm"! :)Thank you Alric dear! It was so great to meet you this year. You're such a talented artist and a great friend. Here's hoping we have another great year. ^.^

  2. So which of us, Me or Cass, is giving the tummy rubs and who's giving the milkbones? Not that it matters much anyways, seeing how as both of us would probably make you beg for them just cause we can! LOL You know we love you. Happy New Year, dear!

    Alura HexCaster

  3. Dear SM, ya didnt leave me much to say now DID ya?

    Dearest Tio, you know you are a friend, not just in Wizzy, but in real life too. We have shared many adventures and I hope many many more!

    All the best,