Friday, December 24, 2010

Team NightOwl Contest!

      Yes you heard right! Another contest :P This one is in Celebration of Team NightOwl's victory over Malistaire and our next mission to take on Celestia! This contest is quite simple first off you'll just need to comment on this post. Second part of it is in your post include the name of your own team if you had one. For example: Me, Kevin Battleblood, Brianna Mooncloud, and Cassandra Dragonheart make up the team B.A.C.K basically it's just our main farming group. There is also other major team members in the group such as Missy we all are just a big happy family of gamers and enjoy each others company.

The only prize is a Lava Spider pet!

You may only enter once any addition entries and you are disqualified! Contest ends December 31, 2010 12:00 PM PST!
Remember post in this post and include what you'd name your team if you had one and that's it your in winner will be chosen via Random.Org :)

See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger 

P.S. Merry Christmas to everyone


  1. You know me xD Thanks for the contest bro!

  2. Luke read carefully lol it says what would the name of your team be if you had one That's how you enter. ;)

  3. @Alric sorry xD forgot/ I actually worked with a wizard name Paige Whisper. We called ourseleves the Link, after the Fire/Life spell (we were a fire and a life wizard)

  4. well Tio -- beside BACK, there is TPC -- Team Perfect Catch, which Kevin decided I was a member of O_o. Love my BACK and TPC team members, they keep me sane :D

  5. LOL I'm on the team Heals+Hits, aka Double H, with Cody Deathflame's alt and my alt/

  6. I will enter, name: christo skywalker
    I used to work with a wizard named Danielle dreamer, she was balance, we would call areselfs the stack and stone, we would stack first then I would stone, it was so fun but on day I could not find her, maven she deleted me or she left, I will never know.

    Hope I win!
    Thanks so much!


  7. Sorry, my entry had a lot of typos (stupid iPod keyboard) I think you know the correct words.


  8. I am heartbroken Cass, that you forgot to include The Unholy Trio in the group that you run with. The Trio being made up of Autumn Fireblade, Cassandra Dragonheart, and Sabrina Frostshard. However, we still go back regardless of what wizards we run. Sisters forever!

  9. OMG! I am so so so bad -- Of course, how could I forget to mention the first team of wonderful friends I made in game. Whip me with a wet noodle!

  10. heals+kills contact: or send me a message on facebook