Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Team NightOwls claims victory during the day!


   Cue the kegs of Dr. Pepper and the unending amounts of junk food Isaac and Team NightOwls completed DragonSpyre this early afternoon with a 22,950 Storm Lord hit on Malistaire delivered by yours truly :) Now Alura Hexcaster A.K.A SorceressMiklai might tell you that this is only part one HOWEVER that wasn't part of the agreement Team NightOwls beat out the competition fair and square. With that behind us we can now move forward as a team NOT competing through Celestia. This should be quite interesting as I only ever have used Alric. So it'll be a new experience for me to go through with Storm. Isaac also has reached Lvl 49 and is about 33.3% away from Grand although with experience CL is giving out shouldn't be too hard to get to Grand and beyond!

I also have begun to Train Teddy Isaac's newly named Stormzilla to adult it of course at Teen got Pip O' Plenty as predetermined hopefully I can get Stormtrap and Storm Giver on Teddy but we'll see of course.

Finally a shout out to Arlen Dawneyes on his Life Alt Tarlac LifeGiver for the assistance today against Malistaire he kept us nice and healthy while we battered away at Malistaire and his Soul Servants! :D 

See ya folks time to bring the rain,
Alric Ravensinger

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