Monday, December 20, 2010

Electrified Mayhem!

     So, if you've read the last post you know I finished the Lab. However, while questing the The Crystal Grove Team NightOwls main hitman my storm Isaac reached Lvl 48 W00t! Lvl 48 quest yo! hehehe. That's all she wrote actually Alura Hexcaster told me the storm school quest was easiest but I had no idea. All I needed to do was jack some parts from Gearheads in MB then become Halston's errand boy. I didn't realize summoning a Storm Titan was so easy makes me wonder how incompetent The Dean was cause Storm >Dragon Titan IMO Lol Jk. 

    I haven't got to really test out the spell itself but I am super excited to use it on the Crystal Grove spiders! Anyone want fried Spider? It's good for you packed with tons of protein! :D Yum!
Moreover than the spell I finally got me the Stormzilla pet! Oh yeah baby! I am definitely gonna be training this little dino-puppy up and mixing with my Spinyfish for more Epic awesome talents! Wish me luck wizards! It's time for Isaac to go do some electrified mayhem!!!!

See ya folks time for this place to light up,
Alric Ravensinger

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  1. And you didn't even let us know the name of your Stormzilla? TSK TSK! Speaking of names, you know I name my spells, what will you call your Storm Lord?

    Alura HexCaster