Monday, December 20, 2010

Message for the Dean!

   Hello fellow wizards how are you? Me? I've been doing super fine I have been working on my Storm Isaac who had a message for the Dean ---"Yo Vlad you got so owned by my triton! You Titan summoning meanie!" Yes that's right I beat the Labyrinth with Team NightOwls. We are coming along nicely actually giving the creatures of Dragonspyre a little bit of Lightning, some Blizzards,and finally some legendary creatures. We are now in the Crystal Grove that's where we stopped. Don't fret my little wizards TEAM NIGHTOWLS is gonna Pwn big time!

Here are some shots of the fun and a little noteworthy note ;) I finally again AFTER 1 YEAR! Obtained the fabled Sword of the Steward! :D I honestly sort of had a tear hehe. Check it out!

see ya folks time for crystals and spiders,
Alric Ravensinger

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