Sunday, December 19, 2010

A new dawn for the Dragons! (Non W101 post)

   Many of you are quite aware that I am a Elder Scrolls and Pokemon Supernerd. Yes I stress that I am a supernerd of these award winning platform changing franchises! Well recently the newest game for the Elder Scrolls franchise was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards! It's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! So in honor of this every so often I'll make a post about it. I am not making this blog into a TES blog but I've been waiting nearly 5 years for this game.(Last game was released in 06 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) I think I deserve to divulge in my excitement for this game and I wish to not only share this with you but keep you informed so to speak.

   So let me begin now and give you the 411 on the new entry for the series. Not much is known actually however it will take place in Skyrim which in the TES world is a land of eternal snow and mountainous regions where the cries of ancient battles still today echo on the mountainside.You can learn more about Skyrim here --> Skyrim page. 

   The trailer which can be watched at top of page hints at the return of the dragons which are an ancient sentient race from the land of Akavir which literally means "Dragon Land". Their population had two known types a red and black species. Their race was supposedly decimated by the Tsaesci another race in Akavir who can be vaguely described at Vampiric Half snake-Half human creatures. Other populations of Dragons in Vvardenfell were driven off by the Cliff Racers. (Which IMO are more annoying than DS Weakness casting ratio). So where did they go? Some say they moved closer to Cyrodiil and others are hiding as they can shape shift. Anyway it seems dragons aren't so benevolent this time around or this is part to throw off the viewers? Who truly knows? Dragons are often a symbol of greatness and the creatures have helped the Providences in the past why would they turn bad? Questions that need answering for sure.

     Also what about this Dovahkiin character? Dragon Born? The only one they fear? Question is why? Why do they fear him? Is he a god? Immortal? Avatar? who is the Dovahkiin? As Gauren (Click his name to read post) from the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Wiki suggests the Dovahkiin is the reincarnated Tiber Septim who conquered all of Tamriel and is here to set something right more or less. It's important to note Tiber Septim was known as Ysmir, Dragon of the North and was ruler of Cyrodiil all emperors are known as "Dragon Born" which shows their right to rule and connection to St. Alessia and Akatosh the dragon-god of Time and Creation!

All of this is speculation however we won't know until the game's release which is November 11th, 2011.

See ya folks the time is near for the dragons to rise,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Is elder scrolls IV worth getting?
    Also I am a big pokemon supernerd to

  2. Oh it's worth it not as up to date as say Fallout 3 but that's cause Elder scrolls 4 was released in 06. Shouldn't be over 20-30 bucks.