Saturday, December 18, 2010

Team NightOwls! Rockin' all night!


      By day we lie dormant. By night we rise. Fear and folly is not our aim. Our only aim is to complete the task which we have sworn to do by the mighty wizard Merle!

    So, if you hadn't noticed yet dear Alura Hexcaster posted on her blog about a race. A race I am in I might add this is crazy! She very well knows how I am and competitions, I mean she even used the name race uh hello? Pet derby? rofl. Anyway I intend to win cause that's what I am good at Winning, Pets, and Housing.

Team NightOwls mount up!
Team as follows:
Isaac Storm - Lvl 46 Storm
Bailey Icecaster - Lvl 45 Ice
Cori Willowhaven - Lvl 50 Myth

MAIN GOAL: Completion of DragonSpyre and Access to Celestia!

So cheer for me dear readers and if I win who knows I might give away a Crown pet or a MEGA snack pack.

It's on baby! I won at the open and will have won at the close!

See ya folks time to jam!,
Alric Ravensinger

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