Monday, December 13, 2010

Treebeard ain't the only Shepherd of the forest!


     Professor Alric Oak here ;) (Obvious Pokemon reference!) to tell you plants are awesome! I admit I didn't buy into it or even care for plants at first I never experimented or even did the tutorial while Gardening was in the Test Realm. But I decided yesterday morning ah snap dragons! can't hurt to try it right?  So being weary still I only started with 3 plants 1 Dandelion and 2 Pink Dandelions so far it has been great! Last night my Dandelion hit elder :'( and gave me a final harvest of 3 Reagents,Gold,and Gardening XP!

     Next headed to elder are my Pink Dandelions which are low rank/high prize plants to me both have already given me near 100 gold each harvest as well as Blood Moss and Black pearls which if you've read my last post benefits me greatly right now. I've also taken the liberty of planting a Snap Dragon and seeing what it yields! Only 1 1/2 days Gardening and I am now a Initiate Gardener (Rank 4)! Woohoo! So my fellow wizards what has been your harvest lately? What is your rank?

See you folks my kitty flowers need their blue ball of yarn,
Alric Ravensinger

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