Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moonshine and Sunlight!

Howdy folks, I am sure many of you are aware that it's been Mount week or Mount-A-Palooza as KI officially calls it. Long story short KI gave several Official fansites 15 mounts to give away ranging from the fierce Proud Lion to the never before seen Sunshine Ponies. Each fan site had it's own contest to give these sweet mounts away. This Sorcerer participated in a few of these contests as did my sweetheart Alura Hexcaster we both manage to garner some nice mounts.

Look at the mounts I won! Moonlight Pony from The Friendly Necromancer, Sunshine Pony from Ravenwood Radio (Hide n Seek), and finally the Proud Lion from the Petnome Project which I gave to my darlin' Alura Hexcaster for her baby life wizard.

Other big news that's been traveling the spiral is Test Realm has opened up to test out new amulets that allow you to cast other schools using your regular power pips basically when equipped these amulets remove the "Double cost" rule of using another school. Another awesome feature headed to the spiral is the ability for our mounts to roam our houses much like our pets do how awesome is that? You can check out the video at Kings Isle's official Youtube page or you can let me do the hard work and click here.

As far as in game activities go I have been hanging out with my buddies the #twizards! -- nonstop farming with my tia Cassandra Dragonheart and my bro Kevin Battleblood. But more than that a lot of us #twizards have formed a large group on Skype which has been great! The ability to inform and just talk silliness all on one chat for everyone to see has been helpful no to mention exceedingly fun. Big thanks to my tia and Fallon they have been helping out this sorcerer train his pets not to mention they are some of the greatest people/women I've met.

On a side note for exciting things to come to The Raven's Vault it's April which means FAME AT A PRICE 2!! debuts this month. I within the next day or so will be posting a new creature feature which everyone seems to enjoy and I enjoy writing them although my knowledge is mostly from reading or Specials on TV hehe.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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