Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Small tidbit about Wintertusk and Legendary wizards

First off thanks to John Lifeglen for finding this!

Now, this confirms Greyrose's statement but in a clear direct way you will need to COMPLETE Grizzleheim in order to gain access to Wintertusk.

Mr. Goldpaws also confirms there will be no level cap so I reckon these Wintertusk quests MIGHT be Low XP but high reward quests such as more rare reagents, gear, and snacks etc.

Selena Statue and Portrait won't be returning not a big lost but the 2,500 gold was pretty nice oh well.

Players who have reached Legendary will learn a new spell so this means these new spells are exclusively for Legendary wizards.

The last bit of news was the saddest for me definitely cuts down Theorycrafting the horn Grandmother Raven is holding has nothing to do with the prophecy from the Morganthe Arch. The Wintertusk storyline itself also has nothing to do with the Celestian plot. Sort of sad but this Story has just started perhaps we'll see Grandmother Raven fighting Morganthe alongside us in another world.

Your thoughts?

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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