Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's in a name?

Howdy all you wizards!
This will be a short post and will be a data collection of sorts. Today I wanna ask you all to come up with your own names. Whether it be for Wizard101 or any other game you play or game you plan to play. I wanna see what's in a name and if you randomly choose it or research it. Who knows the best name in terms of meaning and/or creativity may win a prize!

Here is an example;

Jorda (Nord Female)
Arthas (Breton Male)
Bjorn Ironfist (Nord Male) Bjorn means "Bear"
Folkvar (Nord Male) Means "Guardian of the People"
Gunnar The Great (Nord Male) Means "Warrior"
Haakon Wyrm-Warder (Nord Male) Means "Exalted son,Chosen son"
Kaiser Vrage (Any race Male)
J'skar Silver-Mane (Male Khajiit)
Greelius (Male Argonian)

These names are for potential characters I plan to make for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. What can you come up with? comment below please with your answer(s).


  1. For one medieval game I'm playing a male knight of Welsh descent, so I used Google Translate to look up the Welsh versions of English words I thought might work out for names for his children. His first son (so far) is Anrheg, "the gift".

  2. Do you want a list? Naming characters is my favorite part of writing stories/playing games! :D

    I'll give you a few highlights:

    Mab ("joy" or "hilarity") - is a name I'm considering for a character I'm writing to be an eccentric detective's partner in crime.

    Gwyneth ("fair" "blessed") - is the name of one of my characters who comes from a ancient welsh family. Her father's name is Parry, also welsh, which means "son of harry"!

    I have Kieran("dark") and Elenora ("light") who are sisters.

    And in an upcoming story of mine I'm going to have Gilroy("the king's servant").

    I'd love to name a Wizard101 character Shannon Song. (Shannon being a huge river in Ireland.) Then you have River Song. Teehee. ^.^

    I could go into how I like to write names in J.R.R. Tolkien's elvish, but I don't think there is enough space in this comment box! LOL!


  3. Abrecan Taren-List

    idk why but I love that first name, Abrecan. Its so fun to say! (and List means cunning if ya want to know)

  4. How about
    Thorn Silvertongue