Friday, October 14, 2011

GDC Online Awards! Wizard101 takes the Audience Award!

If you didn't catch the show Wizard101 took home the Audience Award. I admit I was sadden that we lost in the two other categories but it's all good. This year Minecraft took home Best Community Relations and Best Live Game outdoing our beloved Wizard101.

I went to a fellow Twizard who plays Minecraft as well as some Minecraft enthusiasts from other gaming forums I frequent. Here is what they had to say:

"Their entire team utilizes Twitter on a regular basis with as many people as they can. Not to mention Notch's blog, Minecraft Chick's blog, Notch and Jeb_'s respective Google+ pages, leaked pictures of upcoming events, lots of info on Reddit." - John Lifeglen
I admit it would be nice to see some customer support on Twitter or other social mediums. Here is some more that had to be said.

"the community projects that take place within the confines of the game realm as opposed to relying on fansites for a sense of community.
If you take the time to recreate the Empire State Building, the Starship Enterprise, or a Stargate with a large number of people, there's a HUGE sense of interaction." - John Lifeglen
What I gather and what John and others have told me is Minecraft deals in currency of items gotten within the game and the player or a group of players can build their own worlds, structures, and even cave systems. While I and John were at odds on Best Live Game I gotta admit Company to Player interaction and Community in Minecraft seems great! 

Do not fret my fellow Wizards I haven't given up on Wizard101 but I think it's good to shed light on why sometimes the games we love are outdone. The MMO gaming scene is rapidly changing and people are starting to see hey! this is great to interact with others as oppose to handhelds and consoles. Although console gaming especially with the newer systems like Xbox360, Playstation 3, and even the 3DS are breaking those barriers although at a steadfast pace.

Good job to all the winners and hey we still get our mystery pet and the honor of knowing we have a great community here in Wizard101 to the point of being nominated.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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