Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Treats, Tricks, and Hey! Spare parts!

Hey all!

As you may know the Wizard101 community is going wild right now for one thing: The Nightmare Pack.
This post will NOT be how this suckers people into a downward spiral of gambling cause 1. I don't want to fight people. 2. I am allowed my own opinion and hey this is my blog. and finally 3. As I stated before.... "It's only gambling when you don't have the will to stop. If you can't stop buying a pack then you can't stop playing the game." Meaning games like Wizard101 can cost you more than crowns so maybe you shouldn't be playing. It's all about you as an individual and if you blame KI for your lack of will and responsibility it's on YOU not them.

Update: I think everyone should have a look at this post made by Heather Raven more importantly look in the comments. It's true if you have the addiction to keep buying you need more supervision if your an adult then maybe it's you. Point is again your own Willpower to overcome your problem and not let it overflow. I'm going to steal Icy's comment and change it up a bit. We can't blame the Ninja pigs (KI) that your obese cause you can't stop eating the bacon!

This pack is simply amazing because it gives us who like to decorate a plethora of new items which means more intricate Halloween themed houses which is fun! I had a rough day on Petnome cause of the influx of new pets added by this pack which is bad (All that work! It ain't easy ya know?) and great! Who doesn't like new pets right? KI also did a great deed in my book by giving us 1st generation pets that were previously only available as hybrids. What this does is for newer players to the game who missed the promotions or that month on KIFG now have a chance to have the pet. What is better is now they and older players will have pets with "pure" talents.

So far I know of hybrid turned 1st generation pets are:
Grim Scarab (Which I got myself)
Ghost Hound 
Red Ghost

Also in the pot are older pets such as:
Death Scarab
Black Cat
Ianthine Spectre

For completely new pets known so far are:
Death Treant
Gold Armored Skeleton

Also available is new gear as with previous packs it gives boosts to a variety of stats as well as cards! Also present are new wands which look pretty neat like a mix of a dark dragon staff with the special effects of the Celestial Trident. I will also say the new cowls available in the pack make me look like a Jawa from STAR WARS! Any SW fans out there will see the resemblance immediately if not I have provided a picture below hehe.

Finally the most highlighted item of the pack well it is amazing! I was lucky enough to get it on my first and ONLY bought pack. That's right yours truly was graced by the Loot Gods and given the insanely awesome "The Nightmare" mount! Woot! Look how cool Alric looks in his Observatory on his ethereal mount. Pretty sweet right?

My advice when it comes to buying these packs. Limit yourself it's all about fun anyway right? The thrill of getting a good item. Besides think of it this way you can mix with your friends for any pets you didn't get! My tia Cassandra Dragonheart limited herself to only 5 packs and she got 3 pets! Point is to limit yourself and look within yourself before you blame others for your mistakes.

Until next time your spookified friend,
Alric Ravensinger

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